Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mailmania Opening . . Dale Roberts and Janet Jones

Mail art and a few degrees of separation . . .
22 years ago while hitchhiking my way around Scotland I was given a lift by an artist (James Murdoch), a few words and an exchange of address and we began a correspondence that has lasted these 22 years (recently exppanded into the realm of email). At the opening of mailmania2 I had the opportunity to meet Janet Jones. It seems this resident of Victoria, BC, is the first cousin of this long time correspondant . . . Mailmania2 has been filled with lots of these kinds of connections to people, places and events.

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Mim said...

How fun was that, Dale?! The show looks good from what I can see behind you. Glad I got to participate and look forward to #3 in 2008. I had a by chance experience: I got to me the man who started artist trading cards! He's living down the hall for me in the Cite in Paris. Pretty exciting. Good luck to you for the next go around.