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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mailmania 3 Blog now online

The Mailmania 3 Blogspot is up and the mail is beginning to come in for the September 2008 showing of Mail Art . . . I'll keep you posted on the developments around the show as they develop.
Here's the link:

Kindest Regards from Victoria, BC, CANADA


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mailmania 2 Catalogue now Online!

Mailmania 2 Catalogue is now Online!

Check it out at:

Thanks to everyone for such generosity of spirit and efforts in seeing this project through. I look forward to future shows and becoming familiar with each of you again.

All the best,

Dale Roberts

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lopedote Livio, Mogliano, Veneto, ITALY

"GLICINES" - 2006
(10 X 15 cm)

I'll give this another try . . 3 attempts and each time links and info disappear . . . to top off the fact that this artwork was in the drafts file since the beginning of this project . . Do check out the link to Livio's work on the right.

It has been an intense and focused time trying to bring together all the information and images for the online version of the Mailmania2 catalogue. Soon . . hopefully by the end of the day it all will have come together and the final wrap up of this project will happen. Already the first work for Mailmania 3 has come in . . so the blog and archiving begins to get ready for the next exhibition of MM3.

Thanks and I'll be checking in soon with the next update.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

MM2 . . update

Greetings Mailartists

Thought it was time for another check-in . .
As you can see some of the pieces that arrived after the opening have now been posted.
Thanks to all that have participated. I'll begin the electronic documentation in the days ahead. The community has had such a positve response to the show. I continue to get emails and responses from people that I meet on the street. A special Thank You to all that sent mail making this show so memorable. I am hoping to get the show to move around the province and perhaps even the country. I'll let you know if it gets to travel.

Mailmania 3 will happen in 2008! I'll keep you posted.

Mailmania Opening . . Dale Roberts and Janet Jones

Mail art and a few degrees of separation . . .
22 years ago while hitchhiking my way around Scotland I was given a lift by an artist (James Murdoch), a few words and an exchange of address and we began a correspondence that has lasted these 22 years (recently exppanded into the realm of email). At the opening of mailmania2 I had the opportunity to meet Janet Jones. It seems this resident of Victoria, BC, is the first cousin of this long time correspondant . . . Mailmania2 has been filled with lots of these kinds of connections to people, places and events.

Torben Doose, Paris, FRANCE

Valerie Elliott, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Valerie at the preview before opening night.

This sound piece (tube below) had a delightful tinkling sound as it was rotated. The postal clerk spent considerable time with it deciding which stamps would work best and exactly where they should be placed.
Valerie's amazing calligraphy can be seen on the box (below) her other artistic talents can be seen at:

Ritha Mason, Victoria, BC, CANADA

In 1987, Ritha coined the word etings for the artwork she makes from found objects or recycled material. The term originated when she was invited to participate in a group art show at the McPherson Playhouse Gallery in Victoria, British Columbia, and a typographical error in the program stated that she would be displaying "etings" instead of "etchings." When she seized on this typographical error as a definition of her recycled art, etings became synonymous with her work.

See more at: http://web.uvic.ca/~ritha/

A special delivery by husband John

Tiziana Baracchi, Venezia-Mestre, ITALY

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Simon Redekop, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Via Portugal

See more of Simon's work at:

Elgin Carver, Paint Rock, AL, USA

Seeking Part 8

Victoria News-Don Denton Photographer

"Art is in the mail"
News Clipping from the Victoria News Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gillian Gravenor, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Augustina Ricci, Santa Rosa-La Pampa, ARGENTINA

Mike Mosher, Bay City, MI, USA

See more of Mike's work at:http://www.ylem.org/artists/mmosher/Opening.html

Elgin Carver, Paint Rock, AL, USA

"Seeking" Part 6

Eric Coraboeuf, Paris, FRANCE

Check out his blog at: http://ricodiparigi.blogspot.com/

Carole Reid, Nanaimo, BC, CANADA

Gillian Gravenor, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Gillian Queen of Travels in Carcross, Yukon