Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mailmania 3 Blog now online

The Mailmania 3 Blogspot is up and the mail is beginning to come in for the September 2008 showing of Mail Art . . . I'll keep you posted on the developments around the show as they develop.
Here's the link:

Kindest Regards from Victoria, BC, CANADA


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mailmania 2 Catalogue now Online!

Mailmania 2 Catalogue is now Online!

Check it out at:

Thanks to everyone for such generosity of spirit and efforts in seeing this project through. I look forward to future shows and becoming familiar with each of you again.

All the best,

Dale Roberts

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lopedote Livio, Mogliano, Veneto, ITALY

"GLICINES" - 2006
(10 X 15 cm)

I'll give this another try . . 3 attempts and each time links and info disappear . . . to top off the fact that this artwork was in the drafts file since the beginning of this project . . Do check out the link to Livio's work on the right.

It has been an intense and focused time trying to bring together all the information and images for the online version of the Mailmania2 catalogue. Soon . . hopefully by the end of the day it all will have come together and the final wrap up of this project will happen. Already the first work for Mailmania 3 has come in . . so the blog and archiving begins to get ready for the next exhibition of MM3.

Thanks and I'll be checking in soon with the next update.